Some First Recommendations About More Advanced Search Algorithms for WordPress

Today I wanted to reblog an article I saw in my WordPress search feed, but there was no reblog button available. The article was about Mark Zuckerberg + Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez, so I decided to search for those terms to see if there was another article that did have a reblog button. Yes, indeed: there were some available, but no those were not about the same topic, really. So I decided to reblog it the old-fashioned way: I created it by myself, typing it out with my fingers! 😯

On my way to making this decision to actually do some work, I also searched the Google. That was a horror show: oodles of articles, all plastered with ads, none with reblogging capabilities, very few with comments / comment fields (and none — as far as I can remember — implementing WordPress). A classic case of Google making lots of money off of my sorry eyes, with little or no profit reaching my intellect. Complete sucker territory! 😐

Couldn’t WordPress actually empower the blogging community by improving search results? Maybe ranking the results by other methods — perhaps even user-configured? Like: I would really love the capability to prefer blogs that include the reblog feature. Or maybe to ignore stuff (users, websites, junk like that).

Because this is really pie-in-the-sky, outside-of-the-box wishful thinking, I am going to stop here without elaborating any more… as I wouldn’t want to actually break out in a sweat unless there is proof that someone might actually agree + think the idea is good + ought to exist. What about you? What do you think?


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The Big Event Came and Went…

… and two things I got out of it were a lovely t-shirt and an even lovelier chat with the loveliest-of-all Laura Remmers, which led to some healthy snack tips from Germany!

If you were in the large crowd of people at the WP Cafe in Berlin (WordCamp Europe 2019), and were unable to make your voice heard and / or would simply like to participate a little bit,,, then feel free to comment here! (below) 😀

I was mainly surrounded by “developers, developers, developers, developers, …” … talking Geek speak… to me. 😐

Are there any translators here who can help?

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Linking Together the WordPress Community

Background Reading

Business Networks

About two years ago, I asked Matt Mullenweg a question. Basically, I suggested WordPress ought to recognize its role as an open source search engine, and to realize that this is something the world actually desperately needs. There’s a video of the Q&A event in Paris on the homepage of, and I created a deep link to my particular question here.

To summarize, Matt’s
answer was excellent. He addressed all of the main relevant issues
with great technical expertise. And he also addressed one of the main
critical shortcomings – and so that issue is something I want to
address here.

Matt acknowledged that “You could have sites that tie together better than they do today”.

In the following, I want to compartmentalize various aspects of the WordPress community. By and large, WordPress consists of humans and technology – and also the interactions between some humans and other…

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